Andrew & Sara
When Destiny Calls
(or Messages)

I was on my break at work when I saw her profile picture. Physically, she was my type. I didn’t want to waste time, so I messaged her and got an instant reply. It turned out she had created the account just to see what would happen, without expecting much. We talked for a bit and then agreed to meet in person on a date.

However, the day before, she was out with one of her girlfriends and randomly asked if I wanted to join. I said sure. We met up at a bar where she did most of the talking. I just nodded every now and again because I already knew she was the one for me. When she asked if I wanted to meet her that night, something in me knew right away that she was different, special.

Our relationship has developed and succeeded because we’ve been so open with each other. Over time, we’ve talked and discovered we're polar opposites, as well as from two completely different worlds. We work because of good communication, trust, choosing to better oneself for the other and putting their wants before your own, which was a lesson only she was able to show me. 

EME Hive’s interface made it easy to find new users, which is how I found Sara so quickly during my short break. It is a site specifically for Asians and there are a lot of promotions for members which help boost your chances of meeting someone.

Andrew, 29, Pharmacist, New York
Sara, 25, Accountant, New York