Collegiate Love

John studies culinary arts in Boston, and I study graphic design in North Carolina. It was a magical experience meeting John – I never expected to meet someone so special and creative.

We met a few weeks after I created my account on EME Hive. I had noticed his profile picture, thought he was cute, and sent him a smile. The connection between us then developed quickly as we exchanged messages.

Next, we started calling each other. One night we were talking on the phone, and he asked when I was going to see him. I hesitated first, but I couldn’t stop myself searching for a plane ticket and suddenly I’d booked my flights to Boston!

When the plane was taking off I had thought "wow, I'm actually doing this." I was so nervous about finally meeting John face-to-face! Our first date was at a nice Thai restaurant. I was still nervous, but things went great. I overcame my initial anxiety, and everything just started to feel comfortable together. We chatted the whole evening and stayed until the restaurant closed! The next day, I realized that I really loved being with him and we spent my entire trip together.

The trip was really special and took our relationship to a new level. John and I are still together long distance, and we see each other all the time! EME Hive is different from other dating sites. I like its Asian-culture oriented concept, which I learned from Youtube video I watched. I had not been able to meet John without EME Hive for sure.

Rachel, 19, NC
John, 21, MA